About CaCabinets – Claus Andersen Rustfri Stål A/S

On this page, we offer you the opportunity to get to know us, Claus Andersen Rustfri Stål A/S, better as a company. Who are we? And why should you choose CaCabinets from Claus Andersen to store your defibrillators?

Who are we?

It all started with one man. Claus Andersen, who had the dream to produce products made of stainless steel. His dream came true, in 1986 at the age of 25, Claus Andersen became self-employed, and today he employs over 60 people Claus Andersen Rustfri Stål A/S. We are based in Odense on the island Fyn in Denmark.

Claus Andersen is interested in art, and this shapes the company. His creative eye for innovation and development of new high-quality products in stainless steel is one of the qualities that characterize Claus Andersen and the company. This is a company, where the main priority is craftsmanship of the highest quality.

We are a modern company, which attaches great value and importance to a solid education and the well-being of our employees. In our opinion, qualified and committed employees are the most important key in creating success and results.

A Danish company with many years of experience in different fields of work

In Denmark, Claus Andersen Rustfri Stål A/S is also known for being a complete supplier for the catering and the machine industry. We supply all of our long-term partners and customers with both single items and large series of high quality products. Our products – both standard and the special designed, are all manufactured in Odense by our skilled employees in our machinery. Everything we produce is characterized by solid craftsmanship.

The leading producer of AED-cabinets in Denmark – CACabinets

The solid craftsmanship, which we value in the development of our high quality stainless steel products is naturally also expressed in the manufacture of our AED-cabinets. Therefore, we can offer you and your defibrillator the best protection for outdoor storage. We are the leading manufacturer of AED-cabinets in Denmark, and they among others are characterized by the following:

  • Aesthetic design
  • Fan for ventilation
  • Thermostatically controlled heating element. Frost resistant down to -20°C and -40°C
  • Sustainable materials
  • High quality

Furthermore, we can offer you 25 years guarantee on the cabinets and 2 years guarantee on the electronic.


You can read more information about our products here.